Bring'N'Buy Guide

Bring'N'Buy - secondhand sale of dolls and accessories

At the convention, you can sell and buy secondhand items at our Bring and Buy table.

Hand in your items, we sell them and you get the money when you check out your items again.

Here's how: you can either prepare at home for the best experience, or do it at the convention when you're ready.

Each item needs a bag. You can make "grab bags" with more items in one, but the entire bag is sold.

Dolls don't need bags but they need box and CoA. Loose parts can be sold in bags with a CoA. We will provide bags of various size if possible.

Please pack your items as flat as possible, tape the bag instead of tying a knot.

Info: On your sales item you have to state name, size, description, price as well as your check-in number which you will receive at the table.

See the example above.

When you have all your items ready, you can fill in a form like this beneath. It is in Danish but we'll explain it for foreigners.

There's room for 30 items pr check-in list. If you have more, you may have another list.

We take 10% of all sales, so adjust your prices accordingly. We don't take percentages from items that are not sold.