Register your dolls at the exhibition commitee to participate. The exhibition competition is held in the exhibition hall.

Exhibition competition

The exhibition competition is the main competition event of our convention. Due to some questions and doubts, we have revised the information on the 8th of March, 2019 to be the following:

You may enter the following categories with one doll in each:

  1. Size category 1: 50+ cm
  2. Size category 2: 38-49 cm
  3. Size category 3: 0-37 cm
  4. Theme

You may use dioramas with several dolls, as long as they compete in each of their category. You may use dolls as props but they have to be marked as prop dolls.

Effectively, this means you can only enter 4 dolls in total in our exhibition competition (prop dolls not included). Your theme doll can be part of a size category. This is chosen when registering the dolls at the competition committée.

Besides the size categories we have awards for:

  • Best crafting
  • Best combination
  • Crowd favourite

These are not separate competitions but awards given to the competitors in the four categories.

Event competitions
  1. Art/Drawing competition - thematic (during convention)
  2. Faceup-competition - thematic (during convention)
  3. Photo competition - theme: Once upon a time, deadline the 30th of March.
  4. Doll Couture Challence - thematic: (during convention)
About the photo competition: 

Send your photo to our email to participate.

Deadline: 30th of March.

Please use a picture made specifically for this competition. Pictures that are not yours or that have been released previously on social media platforms et.c. are not allowed. You are allowed to borrow a doll if you don't have one as long as you are responsible for the styling yourself and not the owner. The doll cannot be used in the exhibition competition with the same  styling as in the photo competition.)

About art/drawing competition

We celebrate creativity, and we love to see what you can come up with at the convention. The art/drawing competition is for those who not only love the creativity of the hobby, but of art itself. Use what you can of your resources (we provide paper and pens, the rest you have to bring yourself), and create a drawing/painting/collage in the theme presented at the convention.

The theme will be revealed at the beginning of the convention and you'll have until Saturday 8 p.m. to finish your drawing and hand it in at the exhibition commitee.

Other important info

Participation happens by registrering at our exhibition commitee, which will be present all of Saturday to receive contestants. Deadline is before the judges' votation begins Saturday evening.

Remember to create original content. Thus participating with an entry you've used the previous year or at another convention, is prohibited.

Remember you have to be present at the award ceremony to receive your prize, otherwise it goes to the next in the line of participants.