- because rules are important

To make sure we all get an amazing convention, there are some rules to be followed. In addition to the applicable Danish legislation, the rules here are written to an extent so they cover all areas. If in doubt, ask an organizer.

  1. The age limit for the convention is 13 years. If you are under the age of 13 you cannot enter except Saturday between 12 and 4 p.m. in the company of an adult (18 years old) to the price of our teaser tickets.

  2. Do not touch any dolls unless you have permission from the owner. No matter whether there are signs or not, do not touch dolls in eg. exhibition area or in the workshop area. Accept a no if the owner does not want the dolls to be touched.

  3. Comply to all messages from organizers and assistants as well as signs to premises that are not accessible during the convention. Stay where it is allowed and otherwise let the rest of the buildings be.

  4. Act as you want others to behave towards you. Show respect and accept that others' tastes in dolls may not be your own. There is room for everyone. We're not responsible for any conflicts between our guests.
  5. Recasts are not allowed. Obviously enough. No recasts may be brought or displayed on pictures or otherwise presented. There is absolutely zero tolerance. Counterfeits/copies are illegal and you are requested to leave the convention if this you don't comply to this.

  6. Alcohol is not allowed on the convention site. If you're visibly intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, you're banned from the convention. Possession of drugs, vandalism and other criminal acts will all be reported to the police.
  7. In Sales Area you're free to sell what you want, whether it's doll accessories, shoes, clothes or art. We are not responsible for unauthorized sale of fan art.

  8. Remember you must not resell other people's artworks, and if you sell pornographic material, it must be marked as 18+ and covered, as there may be minors present at the convention.

  9. Private sales on the convention! You're not allowed to sell secondhand items outside the sales room. Pre-agreed swaps or sales where you meet and exchange money cannot take place at the con if you have to exchange money. On the convention site, only authorized trade is permitted. I.e. only vendors and organizers are allowed to sell things at the con. "If you have something you want to sell, you have to either have a sales table, or hand it over to Bring'N'Buy, or go outside the convention site." You may hand over a doll if the money has already been transferred.
  10. No food in the sales area or the exhibition area (unless you are a vendor). Beverages allowed in appropriate distance to the dolls.

  11. It is at your own risk / risk to participate. Damage to dolls and the like is not at our or our insurance expense. If a minor causes damage to dolls or the convention site, their legal guardians are responsible to cover the expenses.

  12. By participating in the convention, you accept that you may appear on promotional images for the convention, the Danish BJD association and other similar events hosted by the association.

  13. You're allowed to take pictures to personal use during the convention and share at social media, as long as the material isn't offensive.

  14. When you buy your ticket, it is understood that you agree to the rules as stated above.